Undergraduate Majors & Minors

Wake Forest computer science professor William Turkett teaches programming in the C++ language

Whether you know exactly what you want to study or haven’t quite settled on anything yet, we offer 45 majors and 60 minors for you to choose from. Our cross-curricular partnerships are limited only by your imagination and we encourage you to find your perfect match.

Some majors offer both Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees. Additional information on program requirements can be found in the Academic Bulletin.

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  • Accountancy


    The accountancy major in the Wake Forest University School of Business provides a foundation in the concepts, principles and practices of accountancy and business that students need for success in the early years of their careers.

  • African American Studies

    African American Studies

    Motarboard  B.A., Minor

    The undergraduate major and minor in African American Studies is designed to provide students with a solid disciplinary understanding of African American Studies and critical interdisciplinary scholarship.

  • African Studies

    African Studies

    The African studies minor is designed to give students broad multidisciplinary perspectives on African history, politics, culture, and the economy. The program aims to teach students about the diversity of the African experience and to think critically about the generalized and often incomplete information that are encountered in the media, written texts, and pronouncements of experts, casual observers, residents, and visitors to the continent.

  • American Ethnic Studies

    American Ethnic Studies

    American ethnic studies is an interdisciplinary program that offers courses across many disciplines including literature, music, art, theatre and dance, sociology and romance languages. The focus of these courses varies; they may focus on one racial or ethnic group or several.

  • Anthropology


    Motarboard  B.A., Minor

    The anthropology program focuses on the systematic study of human beings. You will learn more about how groups live with each other and how their bodies and cultures have changed over time.

  • Applied Mathematics

    Applied Mathematics

    Do you have a passion for equations and proofs? Students who study Applied Mathematics will be able to prepare themselves for a career in computer science, engineering, or science. You will learn how to use math and statistics to solve problems in the applied sciences and engineering.

  • Arabic


    Students who minor in Arabic will gain a better understanding of the richness of the Arabic language, explore classical and modern standard Arabic, and learn more about the language of present-day culture.

  • Art History

    Art History

    Motarboard  B.A., Minor

    Art history is the study of works of art—broadly defined—in their historical context. Art historians study visual culture—everything from city planning and major architectural monuments, to painting, sculpture, prints and drawings, to film and popular visual culture.


  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

    Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

    The biochemistry and molecular biology major provides a strong foundation in biological chemistry and molecular biology, and related topics at the interface of these two disciplines. It is designed to build conceptual understanding and practical and critical thinking skills to address current biological, biochemical, and biomedical challenges.

  • Bioethics, Humanities and Medicine

    Wake Chapel on the campus of Wake Forest University

    The interdisciplinary minor in bioethics, humanities and medicine explores the ethical dimensions of science, health research & health care delivery, the integration of the humanities in how we understand medicine & health care, and the connection of ethics & humanities to the practice of medicine.

  • Biology


    Motarboard  B.A, B.S., Minor

    Students enrolled in the biology program study living organisms’ functions and characteristics, the origin and history of animal and plant life, and the science behind those organisms.

  • Biophysics


    The biophysics major is similar to the BS physics major but with a focus on the biosciences. Students obtain a B.S. in Biophysics which includes a core set of biophysics and biochemistry courses that provide rigorous and quantitative training and focus, with application to the biosciences.

  • Business & Enterprise Management

    Business & Enterprise Management

    The business and enterprise management program allows customization according to a student’s interests that includes marketing, international business, new business development, management consulting, and more.


  • Chemistry


    Motarboard  B.A, B.S., Minor

    Studying chemistry will help you excel in any discipline with highly valued critical thinking, analytical and hands-on decision-making skills. The Department of Chemistry is home to about 80 majors at any given time. These students are a crucial part of a dynamic group of chemists.

  • Chinese Language and Culture

    Chinese Language and Culture

    Motarboard  B.A., Minor

    Studying Chinese will allow you to learn about both ancient and modern Chinese culture. You will gain a better understanding of their language and learn how to speak, write, and read Chinese.

  • Classical Languages

    Classical Languages

    Students who major in classical languages study Greek and Latin languages, the major works of Greek and/or Roman literature, and gain a better understanding and appreciation of the history of ancient Greece.

  • Classical Studies

    Wake Chapel on the campus of Wake Forest University

    Motarboard  B.A., Minor

    The classical studies program explores the ancient Greek and Latin languages, ancient history, myth and mythology, religion, philosophy and literature.

  • Communication


    Motarboard  B.A., Minor

    The communication program focuses on the study of communicating (speaking and writing) and interpreting and analyzing different types of information. Students who major in communication learn how these skills can be applied in fields like media, law and business.

  • Computer Science

    Computer Science

    Motarboard  B.A., B.S., Minor

    The computer science major is for those who are interested in researching how bio-inspired algorithms can improve security in large computer networks, want to develop prediction algorithms that can improve assistive mobile interfaces as well as new educational tools to help students learn parallel programming concepts. Or perhaps you enjoy integrating computers and the arts.

  • Contemporary Global Studies

    International Studies

    The Contemporary Global Studies minor provides an opportunity to explore the various facets of an increasingly globalized world. It is designed to expose students to a variety of transregional themes on the one hand and particular knowledge of specific regions on the other.

  • Creative Writing

    Creative Writing

    The creative writing minor offers students the opportunity to write in multiple literary genres such as fiction, poetry, literary nonfiction, playwriting, and screenwriting.

  • Cultural Heritage & Preservation Studies

    American Ethnic Studies

    The interdisciplinary minor in cultural heritage and preservation studies provides students education and experience aimed at the protection and enhancement of archaeological, artistic, historical, and architectural resources.


  • Dance


    The dance program at Wake Forest offers a wide range of dance classes—from beginning classical ballet, modern, jazz, and social dance to advanced technique classes. More experienced dancers are invited to audition for the Wake Forest Dance Company.


  • East Asian Studies

    East Asian Studies

    The minor in East Asian studies provides an opportunity for students to undertake a multidisciplinary study of the art, history, music, philosophy, politics, religion, and culture of East Asia.

  • Economics


    Motarboard  B.A., Minor

    Studying economics will allow you to see how the world can be understood based on the incentives that various economic agents face. In practice, the study of economics involves using both conceptual and empirical tools to examine how people make choices.

  • Elementary Education

    Elementary Education

    A major in elementary education offers students interested in early childhood development the ability to take courses that provide a strong foundation in child development, family studies, and early childhood education.

  • Engineering


    Motarboard  B.S., Minor

    Wake Forest offers the only Bachelor of Science in Engineering program offered by an undergraduate-only department with a curriculum grounded in the liberal arts tradition at a research university. Our B.S. Engineering degree gives students the versatility to face complex problems with a focus on people, community, culture, inclusion and equity.

  • English

    Wake Chapel on the campus of Wake Forest University

    Motarboard  B.A., Minor

    English majors have the opportunity to take courses in every major field of British and American literary studies while striking a balance between traditional and emerging approaches to the study of literature. We are attuned alike to literary history and literary theory, close reading and cultural context, aesthetics and politics.

  • Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise

    Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise

    Students who study entrepreneurship and social enterprise will focus on deliberate practice and strong teaching and mentorship. The Center for Entrepreneurship seeks to ignite passion for entrepreneurial action, to develop entrepreneurial self-efficacy, and to cultivate a growth mindset for entrepreneurship.

  • Environmental and Sustainability Studies

    Environmental and Sustainability Studies

    The environmental and sustainability studies major encourages interdisciplinary inquiry by providing the necessary flexibility for students to explore the social, cultural, and scientific issues pertaining to the environment. Students will develop college-level scientific literacy in biology, earth sciences, and chemistry as a platform for upper-division coursework in the physical sciences, social sciences, and the humanities.

  • Environmental Science

    Environmental Science

    Motarboard  B.A., Minor

    The environmental science program trains students to become proficient in the biological, chemical, physical, and earth sciences, and to develop social and cultural awareness of complex environmental problems.

  • Environmental Studies

    Environmental Studies

    The environmental studies minor is a great option for supplementing a core major with a focus on the humanities and economic aspects of the environment.


  • Film and Media Studies

    Film & Media Studies

    Focused on film-making, reception and analysis, the film and media studies minor offers students an opportunity to explore the important roles of film and related media in aesthetic creation (art), economic production (industry), and the cultivation of community experience (culture).

  • Finance


    ​The finance major in the Wake Forest University School of Business prepares you for a successful career in financial services, including portfolio management, investment and commercial banking and financial consulting.

  • French Studies

    French Studies

    Motarboard  B.A., Minor

    French studies encompasses broad and deep study of the language, literature, history, and culture of France. The program aims to bring out the deep connections that exist between ways of talking, writing, and understanding local and global cultures.


  • German & German Studies

    German Studies

    Motarboard  B.A., Minor

    Students who study German will excel in linguistic proficiency and intellectual sophistication. In addition to its focus on German language, the department also actively engages in inter-disciplinary teaching across the college and seeks to provide all students a broader understanding of German cultural, business, and social life.

  • Global Trade and Commerce Studies

    Wake Chapel on the campus of Wake Forest University

    Students who pursue a minor in global trade and commerce studies gain an understanding of the global environment and the variety of issues associated with global trade and commerce.

  • Greek


    Motarboard  B.A., Minor

    Those who study Greek will have a better understanding and appreciation of the ancient Greek and Latin languages and of the literatures written in those languages. The Department of Classics is also engaged, both in teaching and research, with broader cultural issues.


  • Japanese Language and Culture

    Japanese Language and Culture

    Motarboard  B.A., Minor

    The Japanese language and culture program engages students in active learning and a variety of extracurricular activities where they develop communication skills in both spoken and written Japanese as well as knowledge of Japanese cultural and literary traditions.

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  • Jewish Studies

    Jewish Studies

    The Jewish studies minor emphasizes Jewish history, religion, thought, texts, literature, the arts, traditions, and the ways that they have formed in the context of various civilizations from antiquity to the present.

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  • Journalism


    The journalism minor is dedicated to educating students in the discipline and values of an independent press and its role in a free society. Students will learn and practice truthful, verified and comprehensive reporting, telling stories in a range of media for the public interest.

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  • Latin


    Motarboard  B.A., Minor

    The Latin program teaches students to learn to read and write the language at an advanced level.

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  • Latin-American & Latino Studies

    Latin-American & Latino Studies

    The Latin-American & Latino studies minor encourages the study of Latin American and Latino history, culture, geography, economics and politics. The program is committed to enhancing and advancing the understanding of and appreciation for Latin America and its people.

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  • Linguistics

    Wake Chapel on the campus of Wake Forest University

    Linguistics is inherently interdisciplinary and stimulates an interconnected perspective, drawing on social sciences, liberal arts, and even physical sciences, as in phonetics (acoustics) and psycholinguistics (neuroscience, imaging techniques); and it is oriented towards the many cultural heritages of the world.

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  • Neuroscience


    Students who minor in neuroscience will study how we learn, process and remember information from the molecular to the philosophical level. They examine subjects ranging from the molecular pharmacology of brain function to the mind-body problem.

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  • Philosophy


    Motarboard  B.A., Minor

    Students who study philosophy examine such topics as the nature of knowledge, justice, right and wrong, good and evil, persons, freedom, determinism, moral responsibility, beauty, art, and the nature and grounds of religious experience and belief.

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  • Physics


    Motarboard  B.A., B.S., Minor

    Students who study physics learn about its intellectual and useful aspects. The intellectual component resides in our innate desire to understand the physical characteristics of our universe. The usefulness is evident everywhere in high-tech products and computerized communications.

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  • Politics and International Affairs


    Motarboard  B.A., Minor

    Students who study politics and international affairs will have a better understanding of the way in which policy for a society is formulated and executed and the moral standards by which policy is or ought to be set.

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  • Psychology


    Motarboard  B.A., Minor

    Students who study psychology focus on the scientific study of individual and collective behavior, which touches on many different areas like social, cognitive, abnormal, personality and developmental.

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  • Religious Studies

    Religious Studies

    Motarboard  B.A., Minor

    When you study religion at Wake Forest you join a community of passionate scholars and students devoted to the exploration and analysis of religion as a central aspect of human culture and history.

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  • Russian


    Motarboard  B.A., Minor

    Today’s Russia has become a major presence in the world. The result is a new demand for people with Russian-language skills in a myriad of areas, and studying Russian will give you an advantage. American firms are continuously expanding and they need employees who can communicate effectively in Russian.

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  • Russian and East European Studies

    Russian & East European Studies

    The minor in Russian and East European studies provides students with an opportunity to undertake a multidisciplinary study of the culture, economics, history, and politics of Russia and East Europe.

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  • Theatre


    Motarboard  B.A., Minor

    Theatre majors study plays and other dramatic works and their production. You will learn more about theater history, playwriting, acting, as well as stage set-up and costume design.

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