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Anthropology majors study humankind, from its beginnings millions of years ago to the present day. It is one of the most versatile disciplines in the College, is the principal academic and practical resource for multi-cultural awareness in the University and surrounding communities. That’s a refined way of saying we dig difference. Literally.

Did You Know?

  • Anthropology majors have also declared minors in nearly every minor offered at Wake Forest in the past decade, ranging from Entrepreneurship and Global Trade and Commerce to Linguistics.
  • Various Mexican objects originally collected by Sally Grossman, the woman who appeared with Bob Dylan on the cover of his 1965 album “Bringing It All Back Home,” were recently donated to the Lam Museum at Wake Forest, the only museum in North Carolina dedicated to the study of global cultures.


Sample courses for students studying Anthropology include:

  • Linguistics
  • Museum Studies
  • Archaeological Theory and Practice
  • Myth, Ritual and Symbolism

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Practical Experience & Skills

The broad focus within the Anthropology major is especially valuable to students seeking to develop expertise in planning, decision-making, and management. Anthropology’s scope and intellectual perspective prepares students to make objective, far-sighted decisions at the professional level in any career field, either at home or abroad.

Students in this program will develop the following skills:

  • Ability to summarize information
  • Attention to detail
  • Communication
  • Conducting field studies
  • Interviewing
  • Planning projects
  • Sampling, gathering, and organizing data
  • Surveying
  • Understanding of different cultures and diversity
  • Writing

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Clubs & Organizations

Anthropology students participate in the following clubs and organizations:

Career Outcomes

Careers that often interest Anthropology majors include:

  • Archeologist
  • College professor
  • Crime scene investigation
  • Environmental anthropologist
  • Medical anthropologist
  • Museum curator
  • Positions in defense and national security
  • Public administration

Careers enjoyed by recent Anthropology graduates include brand director of Benchwarmers Bagels; data analysts for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; museum curators; and U.S. Army Special Forces officers.

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