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History majors will study major social, economic, political and cultural events of the past. Students are encouraged to develop an understanding of the history and culture of ancient, medieval, as well as modern times, including those societies outside traditional American and European boundaries.

Did You Know?

  • Wake Forest’s History curriculum can take you almost anywhere you’d like to visit. It offers no less than 10 concentrations covering economics, religion, politics, science, sociology and areas.
  • Over time, 20 History majors have earned the Rhodes (2), Truman (3) or Fulbright (15) Scholarship. Other prominent alumni include Ed Reynolds (’64), Wake Forest’s first Black student and a distinguished professor at UC San Diego.


Sample courses for students studying History include:

  • World Civilizations Since 1500
  • Big History: A History of the Cosmos and Humanity’s Place In It
  • Health, Disease and Healing in World History
  • Race, Gender and the Courts
  • History Museums

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Practical Experience & Skills

A sound component of a liberal arts education, history serves practical needs by providing solid background for pursuing graduate studies or a career in law, education, business, advertising, ministry, journalism, government service, or preservation. The history major meets an important need for the business world by providing the ability to analyze and write effectively, and by developing a sense of balanced judgment. For those who choose to teach, the major provides necessary subject-matter content.

Students in this program will develop the following skills:

  • Ability to analyze historical works
  • Research skills as demonstrated in papers and exams
  • Capacity to learn a foreign language
  • Talented at evaluating and interpreting events, information, and ideas as they relate to the past
  • Skilled in written and oral expression of ideas
  • Time management skills
  • Ability to retain diverse sets of information

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Clubs & Organizations

History students participate in the following clubs and organizations:

Career Outcomes

Careers that often interest History majors include:

  • Archivist
  • Attorney
  • CIA/FBI Agent
  • Consultant
  • Curator
  • Editor
  • Educator
  • Financial Analyst
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • Journalist
  • Legislative Aide
  • Lobbyist
  • Market Analyst
  • Museum Director
  • Physician
  • Politician
  • Press Secretary
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Writer

Graduates have enjoyed careers in finance, military service, law, education and several other sectors.

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