Student Research

Wake Forest biophysics major works at an inverted optical microscope in a lab in Olin Hall

Prove it.

Or prove it wrong. Either way, you need to go where your ideas lead you. Student research is not only encouraged at Wake Forest; it’s backed by one of our most popular Centers, the Undergraduate Research and Creative Services Center (URECA).

In the past ten editions (2011-19, 2021), Undergraduate Research Day at Wake Forest has featured 1,321 presentations, more than 95% of which have been mentored by one or more faculty members. The research has been as close to home as campus and as far away as Thailand, one of nearly 60 foreign countries to which students have traveled in pursuing their work.

The chance to work side-by-side with your professors while creating new knowledge together is an experience that’s hard to beat. That’s one of the reasons we don’t limit student research to upperclassmen. At Wake Forest, this experience is open to everyone.

So make sure to pack your ideas. We can’t wait to meet them, too.

A student heads to class through the arch onto Hearn Plaza, on the campus of Wake Forest University

Quick Facts

Because you have things to do.

Barbee Oakes, Assistant Provost for Diversity and Inclusion, Talks with Students, Matt Williams, Outside of Reynolda Hall

Teacher-Scholar Ideal

At Wake Forest, every faculty member is dedicated to excellence in both teaching and research. Professors, not graduate assistants, are the primary instructors, so students have access to top-flight scholars from their first day on campus.