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Welcome to Wake Forest University! We’re a 5,400-undergraduate, test-optional, liberal-arts school in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, with a 10:1 student-faculty ratio, 50+ majors, and 60 minors. During this tour, we’ll take you inside residence halls, dining halls, and classrooms – but we’ll also tell you what happens outside the classroom. We’re here to help you learn what gives this place its character.

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  Chapter 1

Welcome to Wake Forest!

Meet Buck, Alicia, Imoh, and Bijan as they tour you around campus and share with you the new ideas, perspectives, and experiences Wake Forest offers.

Directions  Locate the Welcome Center on the campus map

  Chapter 2

Scales Fine Arts Center

The hub of our campus’ rich arts culture, Scales includes an art gallery, a recital hall, a dance studio, a main stage theatre, a theatre-in-the round, and a host of visual-art studios.

Directions  Locate Scales on the campus map

  Chapter 3

Taylor Residence Hall, the Arch

As in all our residence halls, there’s a little something for everyone. Except this one has the coffee. Please don’t forget that.

Directions  Locate Taylor Residence Hall on the campus map

Directions  Locate the Arch on the campus map

  Chapter 4

Wait Chapel

Our campus’ centerpiece, Wait Chapel, sits on the Quad. This is where you’ll experience celebratory traditions, philanthropic events, and academic milestones.

Directions  Locate Wait Chapel on the campus map

  Chapter 5

Magnolia & Dogwood Residence Halls, North Dining Hall

These residence halls are equipped with top-shelf technology and include spaces for group meetings. Next to them is our nationally recognized North Campus Dining Hall.

Directions  Locate Magnolia Hall on the campus map

Directions  Locate Dogwood Hall on the campus map

Directions  Locate North Dining Hall on the campus map

  Chapter 6

Farrell Hall, The School of Business

Farrell Hall is home to the School of Business, including our undergraduate business program. We offer majors in Business and Enterprise Management, Accounting, and Finance.

Directions  Locate Farrell Hall on the campus map

  Chapter 7

Wake Forest Graduate Schools

The law school and our other graduate programs – except one – are located on campus. Wake Forest’s School of Medicine is just a few miles away in downtown Winston-Salem.

Directions  Locate the School of Law on the campus map

  Chapter 8

Campus Safety

Campus is gated, the residence halls can be accessed only with a Wake Forest identification card, and the university provides its students with a shuttle system.

Directions  Locate University Police on the campus map

Directions  Locate emergency call boxes on the campus map

  Chapter 9

Athletics Facilities

Our passionate student fans have helped the Division I Demon Deacons to national prominence in the nation’s toughest conference: the ACC!

Directions  Locate our athletics facilities on the campus map

  Chapter 10

The Wellbeing Center

The Wellbeing Center is home to Campus Recreation. About 90 percent of undergraduates participate in at least one intramural team or individual sport.

Directions  Locate Reynolds Gymnasium on the campus map

  Chapter 11

Kitchin Residence Hall & Campus Kitchen

Campus Kitchen is student-run, preparing more than 10,000 meals a year for the local community and creating service opportunities with local non-profit organizations.

Directions  Locate Kitchin Residence Hall on the campus map

  Chapter 12

Reynolda Hall

Home to the president’s office, dean’s office, financial aid, the Center for Learning, Access, and Student Success, Office of Personal and Career Development, and Global Programs and Studies.

Directions  Locate Reynolda Hall on the campus map

  Chapter 13

Manchester Plaza

The “South Quad,” situated between Reynolda Hall and the south campus residence halls, Manchester Plaza features magnolia trees along its perimeter and a stage for outdoor concerts and shows.

Directions  Locate Manchester Plaza on the campus map

  Chapter 14

Academic Buildings

You’ll find academic buildings that house the Departments of Communication, Psychology, Math and Computer Science, Economics, Politics, and Romance Languages.

  Chapter 15

Angelou Residence Hall

Angelou Hall is the newest first-year student residence hall. It is named after Wake Forest professor, poet, playwright, film director, and activist, Dr. Maya Angelou.

Directions  Locate Angelou Hall on the campus map

  Chapter 16

Tribble Hall

Tribble contains the classrooms and offices for the Departments of History; English; Philosophy; Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; and Education.

Directions  Locate Tribble Hall on the campus map

  Chapter 17

Benson University Center

It’s the residence of Student Union, Student Government, the Intercultural Center, the LGBTQ+ Center, the Women’s Center, our student newspaper, and Wake Radio.

Directions  Locate Benson on the campus map

  Chapter 18

Z. Smith Reynolds Library

In addition to 1.8 million volumes of information, ZSR is home to The Bridge, the computer-support hub of campus.

Directions  Locate ZSR on the campus map

  Chapter 19

Olin Physical Laboratory, Winston and Salem Halls

The Departments of Physics, Biology, and Chemistry house classrooms, research facilities, and labs, with portable equipment to facilitate collaboration with faculty.

Directions  Locate Olin on the campus map

Directions  Locate Winston Hall on the campus map

Directions  Locate Salem Hall on the campus map

  Chapter 20

Wake Downtown

Wake Downtown offers many STEM classes. And it makes room for both sides of the brain! Philosophy, English, entrepreneurship, and other disciplines are taught here too.

Directions  Locate Wake Downtown on the campus map

  Chapter 21

Winston-Salem, NC

Diverse, enthused by the liberal arts, warm, and welcoming: these are Wake Forest adjectives, so you can see why Winston-Salem and Wake are a good match.

  Chapter 22

Thank You for Visiting!

Wake Forest is a place, but its spirit of Pro Humanitate is one we trust our students to extend well beyond its campus. We hope the same for you too. Go Deacs!