At Wake Forest University – a liberal-arts school with an 11:1 student-faculty ratio, 45 majors and 60 minors, and a 98% job and graduate-school placement rate – our mission is to provide you with an unparalleled undergraduate liberal-arts education that will carry you forward into your career.

From your first-year seminar to your final project, you will connect learning across the social sciences, sciences, languages, literature, arts, mathematics, and humanities. Our interdisciplinary approach will enable you to think critically, challenge concepts, balance ethics with desired outcomes, and so much more.

As teacher-scholars, your faculty will be as deeply committed to your growth as a student as they will be to their own continuing research and scholarship. When you choose a major, you will join a community of learned minds with similar intellectual curiosities, who have networks of colleagues with whom you may connect, intern, or conduct research.

Throughout your time at Wake Forest and upon graduation, career-development officers will help guide you with purpose and direction, as you enter the next stage of your professional career, and the extensive Wake Forest alumni community will welcome you with open arms wherever you go next.

To learn more about this remarkable place, filled with incredibly talented people who want to engage with the world in impactful ways, we hope you will visit our campus community.

We also want you to check out our live virtual information session, Distinctively Wake.

Finally, we encourage you to follow our Instagram to learn more about opportunities at Wake Forest.

All applications to Wake Forest are now available. If Wake Forest is your first-choice school, please apply Early Decision, and begin your Deacon journey now. The deadline for Early Decision – as well as for merit-based scholarship consideration, most of which only require your application to Wake Forest – is November 15.

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Wake Forest University

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