You, Wellbeing, and Possibility!

Wellbeing has a host of meanings, and we want you to consider all of them—from the physical to the emotional to the intellectual to the social and beyond—so that you may actualize your full potential.

Wellbeing at Wake Forest

Educating the whole person is Wake Forest’s main charge and obligation to its students. Nowhere is this commitment more apparent than in the University’s approach to wellbeing, which represents the effective merger of place and programming.

The programming element is THRIVE, which has launched successful initiatives in alcohol education, sleep study and exercise maintenance, among other areas. THRIVE addresses the physical, spiritual, environmental, emotional, intellectual, occupational, social, and financial aspects of human flourishing.

That’s eight dimensions. Try to contemplate an eight-dimensional object and you’ll get dizzy. But that’s OK. We have people and places to help with that.

There are eight sides to wellbeing.

In the Wake Forest tradition of educating the whole person, we are committed to sustaining a multidimensional culture of health and wellbeing that will benefit our students long after they leave the Forest.

Emotional Wellbeing


The ability to know your pressure points and defuse them before they hit you.

Environmental Wellbeing


A new take on the 3 R’s—relaxation, reflection and restoration.

Financial Wellbeing


Achieving peace of mind and a piece of your long-term dreams.

Intellectual Wellbeing


Advancing from making observations to developing ideas.

Occupational Wellbeing


Occupational Wellbeing = Work/Life + Fulfillment.

Physical Wellbeing


The intersection of diet, diligence and decompression.

Social Wellbeing


Finding the outlets that best meet your needs as an interactive human.

Spiritual Wellbeing


Uniting beliefs and connection to a sense of something bigger than yourself.

Supporting your wellbeing at Wake

So we rebuilt our old gym and added space to it. Wake Forest is not the first major university to do this in the past decade. But while we joined the club, we did not build a country club. And while the new place is impressive, the total transformation of campus recreation facilities was about betterment and wellbeing more than bells and whistles.

Research consistently indicates that new facilities lead to healthier college campus communities. Moreover, students who exercise regularly tend to do better academically.

Graphic artwork covers the walls in the newly renovated Reynolds Gym

Do something you’re passionate about.

Wake Forest invites you to pursue the life of the mind with enthusiasm, put our cherished motto of Pro Humanitate into action, build lifelong friendships, and connect your academic learning to the world through student organizations, campus clubs, civic engagement, and service. Put differently, Wake Forest will help you to find your passions. Start looking for those passions below.

Aquatics at Wake Forest

Campus Rec

Nearly 30,000 square feet of group fitness space, a new student health center, a pool, cardio equipment, basketball courts, a new home for the intercollegiate volleyball team, and classroom space

Clubs and organizations

Student Orgs

We have hundreds of organizations for you to join. And infinite ways for you to be involved. Welcome to student activities at Wake Forest.


Whether we can encourage you to carry a reusable water bottle or inspire you to become a change agent for sustainability, there is a place and a way for you to get involved.