Student Experience

Make it count.

Getting lost can be a great way to find yourself. Wake Forest is intentionally designed to be a place where you can lose yourself in what inspires and interests you, in the company of others doing the same.

Students walk across the north campus on ther way to their residence halls

Where to Live

Your journey starts in the Forest’s first-year neighborhood, made up of the six South Campus residence halls. From there, you can proceed to the iconic space of Hearn Plaza or a group of newer facilities. At any rate, more than half of campus dorm rooms have been built from scratch or fully renovated in the past few years.

Wake Forest students enjoy lunch at the Reynolda Fresh Food Company (the Pit)

What to Eat

The better question is probably, “What can’t you find?” With 17 venues in eight buildings encompassing national brands and traditional college dining environments, the options are as varied as the people of the Forest. The idea here is high-quality food nourishing body and mind. And it tastes great, too.

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Express Yourself

If you walk in the door with a passion for the arts, we’ll foster it further. If you arrive without such interests, you just might find one. It’s a big canvas. Find your corner.

Clubs and Organizations

Get Involved

There are 266 student organizations on campus. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for on the existing list, gather some like-minded souls and create the 267th.

Fans cheering on the Demon Deacons

Wake! Forest!

Of the more than 350 NCAA Division I members, none has our combination of major-conference affiliation and get-to-know-your-neighbor size. Find your voice. And then lose it.


Whether it’s our status as the first major private university in the South to desegregate or our multicultural class requirement, we’re proud of our commitment to create and strengthen a community that resembles the world we seek to serve.


We’re invited guests on this planet and our Office of Sustainability offers ways for us to show we know what that means.


Official technical outfitter of the Forest. Get the technology that is right for you.