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A Wake Forest education is holistic, which is academic-speak for all-inclusive. Our commitment to educating the whole person starts with an all-you-can-experience buffet of opportunities designed specifically to provide a balanced, yet adventurous, educational diet.

Here, fundamentals walk hand-in-hand with fun. We believe innovation thrives in the presence of a well established academic core, and that knowing, understanding and transforming are forever connected to thinking, feeling and doing. Our curriculum was developed – and continually evolves – to ensure that you’ll enjoy all of the above during your time in the Forest.

In order to graduate, a Wake Forest student must finish three requirements for 120 hours of credit: a core set of classes; a course of study related to a major; and electives. The core set of classes includes basic requirements (a first-year seminar, a writing seminar, health and PE classes and foreign language literature) and divisional requirements (at least two classes in each of the humanities, social sciences and math/natural sciences and at least one in the fine arts and literatures).

Wake Forest also offers an “Open Curriculum” option, in which a small number of students, approved by a committee, may design a course of study with an adviser that follows a liberal arts framework but does not necessarily fulfill all the core degree requirements.

The Numbers

  • Typical hours per semester: 15
  • Minimum hours required for full-time status: 12
  • Minimum hours required for BS or BA degrees: 120
  • The Basics
    • First-Year Seminar (1)
    • Writing Seminar (1)
    • 200-Level Foreign Language (1)
    • Health and Exercise Science (2)
  • The Divisions
    • Humanities (2)
    • Literature (1)
    • Fine Arts (1)
    • Social Sciences (2)
    • Math and Natural Sciences (2)
  • The Elements
    • Quantitative Reasoning (1)
    • Cultural Diversity (1)

Find all the details in the Undergraduate Bulletin [PDF]