The Engaged Liberal Arts is the cross-section where classroom concepts meet real-world experience, and it’s the heart of our mission at Wake Forest University.

Through our Engaged Liberal Arts philosophy, we invite students to explore themselves and their world, as global citizens committed to discovering their passions and talents, and leading lives in keeping with our motto of Pro Humanitate – “for humanity.”

The Engaged Liberal Arts invites your professors’ inventiveness to engage students in experiential learning across disciplines and areas of study. Some faculty include short classroom exercises that bring in real-world scenarios; others create entire project-based courses. You might be asked to interpret a film and write a critique through the lens of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; Health and Exercise Science; or French. You might combine elementary education with physics for a semester-long collaboration teaching STEM to elementary-school students, or perform a scene from a Spanish play to provide perspective and context for an advanced language course.

Learning at Wake Forest is about embracing the interdisciplinarity and real-world reach of the liberal arts to achieve deeper understanding in order to meet society’s needs.

To learn more about the engaged liberal arts at Wake Forest, please register for our in-person, student-led campus tours and our newly offered on-campus information sessions.

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We hope you’ll consider joining us.

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