• List five books you’ve read that have intrigued you.
  • Explain how a text you’ve read – fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or literature of any kind – has helped you to understand the world’s complexity (limit: 150 words).
  • What piques your intellectual curiosity, and why (limit: 150 words)?
  • Give us your Top Ten list. (The choice of theme is yours.) (limit: 100 characters per line)

These are the optional supplemental questions we’ll be offering in our application (available early August, so you may start drafting your responses right now, if you wish!) –

because we want to know as much about you as possible in the admissions process.

And not just what’s on your transcript.

Wake Forest is a relational place; we want to hear from students who can tell us about their education but also their self-education.

So as you start writing, think of things you want to make sure we know about you. This is your chance!

And for more insights and advice, check out our Class of 2027 page available in late July and updated throughout the year.

Finally, sign up for our student-led tours and live virtual information sessions.

Warmest regards,

Eric Maguire
Vice-President for Enrollment
Wake Forest University

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