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It’s Mid-December, and You’re Probably Tired…

I sincerely hope this post finds you well. As you are pursuing end-of-the-year exams and preparing to gather with loved ones during the winter holidays, I want to share a few notes of wisdom: Give yourself some grace and space to breathe. You are almost half-way […]

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The Words of Dr. King at Wake Forest

Just a few months after Wake Forest College admitted its first Black student, the college invited the first Black speaker to campus – The Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. The year was 1962. But it wasn’t for another 30 years that a recording of […]

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Honoring ‘Strength, Resolve and Legacy’

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of African American women integrating residence halls When they moved into a women’s residence hall in 1969, Beth Norbrey Hopkins and Deborah Graves McFarlane simply wanted to obtain a good education and weren’t thinking about making history as the first African […]

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Checking in on You in California

We are thinking of you, as your life may have been disrupted by wildfires. Wake Forest University is committed to community. As yours is enduring this challenge, we want to help however we can. If you need to receive mailings at a different address, have […]

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Wake Forest is Calling!

Wake Forest Rangers are bringing the Forest to a forest near you, North Carolinians – picking up the Quad and planting it in your local park! Join us for fun, facts, and a few surprises – a factstravaganza! – designed to help us get to […]

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