As we prepare for the summer, we’d like to provide some more information about our waitlist.

By now, applicants on the active waitlist with a June 1 reply date should have received an email about the option to extend their date of consideration. (If you’ve missed that message, please be sure to write us at your earliest convenience.) If you have chosen not to change your waitlist date, we wish you every success. For those of you who remain on our active waitlist, please know that we will continue to monitor enrollment and will offer admission as seats become available. If you would like to advocate for yourself further, simply remember that writing to your regional dean is the best way to do so; it is not expected or advised that you visit campus during the summer months solely for the purpose of demonstrating your interest in attending Wake Forest.

It’s also important to note that our incoming class is nearly finalized and any offers of admission moving forward will be few in number. We greatly appreciate your interest in Wake Forest, but we understand if you decide to pursue your collegiate options elsewhere.

No matter where you find yourself this fall, we wish you all the best on your academic journey!

Warmest regards,
Wake Forest University Office of Undergraduate Admissions

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