Hello, everyone! My name is Cesar Grisales, and I’m an Assistant Dean of Admissions here in our Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Just wanted to pop in to introduce myself as we all gear up for another year of meeting and enrolling amazing students.

I started at Wake Forest in 2015 as a first-generation, first-year student and have been around ever since. Applying to, and enrolling at, Wake was probably the easiest part of the college process for me. The school was comforting, familiar, and it provided the level of academics that I wanted to be challenged by – we’ll skip over the fact that I’m also from Winston and jumped at every opportunity to walk around the beautiful campus.

My story, however, doesn’t necessarily start there. My family and I migrated to the States when I was a mere, and very cute, three years old. As I was molded by both my Colombian, and newly found American, heritage, I quickly became aware of the fact that my experience was different from that of a lot of my peers. College was something I was always encouraged to consider (“encouraged” being a kind term, here), but my family and I had very little knowledge of what American universities looked for in students. It took the support of a lot of people to get to where I am today, and for that I am forever grateful.

This is where I jump into mentioning why I do what I do now – so that I may help students see that college, and more specifically Wake Forest, is a place where they most certainly belong. I know that, through our office, I’m able to empower students to consider a great university, but, even beyond that, I’m able to share my knowledge of college admissions. So, if you see me around, or see my contact information, I’m always happy to chat and answer any and all questions!


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