Here’s one of our favorite Wake Forest stories:

One of our graduates hid a secret letter for his sister in the library stacks.

Being seven years older, he had no idea if she’d attend Wake Forest to find it – but trusted she would.

He graduated in 2013, and lo and behold in 2015 his sister did in fact come to Wake.

And he sent her a text message, with the instruction to find a book and a poem for him (ostensibly, for his graduate-school work).

The book?

Collected Verse of Edgar A. Guest.

The poem?

“See It Through,” with the line, “When you’re up against a trouble, Meet it squarely, face to face; Lift your chin and set your shoulders, Plant your feet and take a brace.”

The handwritten note accompanying the verse advised his sister to become her own person, while staying true to her character.

It’s the kind of story that gets us every time.

Because it’s about selfless giving beginning at home.

And how your college home should be a part of that education.

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See the world beyond the given.

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Wake Forest University Office of Undergraduate Admissions

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