Following is some advice for submitting a video to Wake Forest University Admissions. Although the video example farther below uses the 2021 video prompt – and not the 2023 prompt options (which are written out right below this introduction) – the guidance given herein is still useful. Thank you for watching!

Prompt #1

If you could solve one problem happening in the world, what would it be, and why?

Prompt #2

Pro Humanitate is our university motto. What does this motto mean to you, and how would you put it into action as a student at Wake Forest?

Prompt #3

Share something important to you or about you that isn’t already part of your application.


These are the prompts we want you to consider – and to answer ONE of them – if you choose to submit a video to your status portal to supplement your Wake Forest University application.

As you prepare to record and submit your video, here’s some advice to consider:

  • Speak extemporaneously. There’s no need to write, memorize, and deliver a speech. We want to hear how you’d share ideas in class.
  • Don’t hire a photographer. This should be a selfie-style video that showcases your thoughts, not your videography skills. We don’t want to see video footage or picture montages.
  • We want to see you! This should be a two-to-three-minute video of you talking to the camera where you share your thoughts. It’s a simple, yet powerful, way for Wake Forest Admissions to learn more about you.

Here are some basics to consider before recording your video:

Wardrobe: If it’s okay to wear to school, it’s okay to wear in the video.

Background: Check for any obvious distractions.

Lighting: Try to sit with a window or lamp in front of you so that the light shines on your face. This helps with shadows.

Audio: Check your audio levels on your recording device to make sure we can hear you.

Below is a video explaining and modeling some of the points given above. We look forward to watching yours!

Please know that we invite, but by no means require, a video submission in the admissions process. If you choose not to submit a video, that’s okay.

Thank you again for applying to Wake Forest University!

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