The pursuit of scientific discovery can be as much about uncovering new truths about yourself as about entering the unknown physical world —

discovering the discoverer —

learning how you respond to new challenges, dead ends, or unexpected finds.

It helps, when embarking on this journey, to have the best tools and contexts available.

That is what Wake Forest University’s Wake Downtown provides:

  • state-of-the-art equipment for scientific innovation,
  • brand-new labs, and
  • world-renowned and collaborative professors and researchers.

Wake Downtown has the newest technology in high-resolution confocal microscopy; equipment to measure force on construction materials; oxygen-free chambers for studying metalloenzymes; and machines that shake atoms and match those atoms based on their shaking patterns (!).

It has lasers and cell-culture facilities and polymerase chain reaction instruments —

But Wake Downtown also offers a chance for you to push your intellect beyond the limits of what you imagined yourself capable:

to work alongside the leading scientific researchers in the world, to practice biomedical research in our medical school labs as an undergraduate, and to engage with visiting lecturers weekly about their most exciting and groundbreaking conclusions.

It is the intersection of the technological with the historical and the philosophical.

Technology amplifies discovery — both of the self and other — and the right teachers can help you to negotiate those findings, to find excitement and agency in the unknown.

If you wish to join our community of discoverers, we would like to speak with you, so please register for a live virtual information session and in-person campus tour. And in early July, our new WFU26 page, featuring advice, application information, and updated dates and deadlines, will be available on our website:

We hope you will think about exploring the liberating unknown with us.

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