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  1. When is the Wake Forest University “Interview Season”?
    • For Fall 2017 applicants, interviews will be offered June 1 through December 1.
  2. How do I schedule my interview?
    • To schedule an interview fill out the Interview Request Form. Interviews cannot be scheduled over the phone or via email.
    • You will receive an email confirmation to the address given on the request form (please check that address and your spam folder!) within two to three BUSINESS days. Usually we will be able to respond much sooner but know that these appointments are made by a member of our staff and are not automated.
    • Please understand that our schedule and your itinerary cannot always work together conveniently
    • Interview scheduling takes place outside the Window to Wake Forest system.  You will not receive confirmation of your interview appointment through your Window to Wake Forest, only via the email address provided.
  3. What are the interview scheduling deadlines?
    • You should schedule your interview no later than November of your senior year (the sooner the better!).
  4. Are interviews required?
    • Interviews are not required but they are strongly encouraged, especially for early decision applicants and students interested in competing for merit scholarships.
  5. Do I need to submit my application before I schedule/complete my interview?
    • No.
  6. What types of interviews are offered?
    • We offer interviews on the Wake Forest campus and via Skype.
  7. Are oncampus and Skype interviews evaluated equally in the admissions process?
    • Yes – completely!
  8. Should I prepare differently if I am interviewing by Skype?
    • Yes. You should note the time zone difference (if any) between your location and ours. All interviews are scheduled in US Eastern Time – please plan accordingly. You should also know your Skype name well in advance of the scheduled start time. Please be alone in your interview space and limit any distractions as much as possible.
  9. What happens if I miss my interview?
    • You will need to complete the interview request form again. Because of high demand for appointments, we do not guarantee you will be offered another time to interview.
  10. Do Early Decision applicants need to interview?
    • Yes. Any student who is submitting a binding application to Wake Forest is expected to interview before we begin evaluation of the application.
  11. Should I bring my resume to the interview?
    • You do not need to bring any materials to your interview.
  12. Who will interview me?
    • You will not necessarily interview with your regional representative. Interviews are randomly assigned to admissions office staff members based on scheduling constraints.
  13. What should I wear?
    • You should dress as appropriately and as comfortably as you would for school.
  14. How long will my interview last?
    • Interviews typically last twenty-five minutes.
  15. Do you offer alumni interviews in my city?
    • We do not offer alumni interviews.
  16. Are transfer applicants expected to interview?
    • No, interviews are not offered to transfer applicants.
  17. Will it help/hurt my chances for admission if I do/do not interview?
    • These interviews are evaluative and will become a part of your application file. We respect those students who have taken the time to sit down and talk with us. We do realize, however, that some students do not have the opportunity to interview with us. Every year, we admit many students who did not interview and deny many who did.