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When you know, you know. If you have decided without a doubt that Wake Forest is your first-choice college, you may apply Early Decision. Early Decision applicants are given some preference in the admissions process. Approximately 10 percent of applicants apply Early Decision each year; those students made up about 40% of the incoming class in 2014.

Under the Early Decision plan:

  • You may submit an Early Decision application any time after completion of your junior year, but no later than November 15.
  • Wake Forest must be your first choice and only active Early Decision application. (You may submit regular decision applications to other institutions.
  • You, your parents and counselor(s) must sign the Early Decision Agreement agreeing to enroll if admitted and to withdraw regular-decision applications from other colleges upon acceptance to Wake Forest.
  • Decisions are made on a rolling basis. A $500 nonrefundable deposit is due within two weeks of acceptance notification.
  • Because of the binding commitment that early decision entails, it is important that you have considered your options carefully. If your college enrollment is dependent on financial assistance, we believe that it is important for you to have the opportunity to compare aid packages in the Spring from a number of schools rather than committing yourself now through an early binding agreement. Our aid decisions, both need-based and merit, are made in April.

 Download and read the Early Decision Agreement [PDF]