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Near and Far – Monday, October 29, 8:30am

A great North Carolina – and Wake Forest University – poet, A.R. Ammons, wrote often of leaving and returning home: the aspirations for which one leaves and the realities which returning represents, a back-and-forth movement: a “restoration / which takes many forms & / meanings.”

You’re from North Carolina and so likely think of Wake Forest as a part of your home, which is good, but we’ll also enable you to have new experiences and to see from different perspectives, to have “a great / story to tell,” while also encouraging a deeper understanding of “[your] place / and time.”

This is why we call our campus-visit event “Near and Far.”

We want you to see all that Wake Forest has to offer to you while “home” in our classrooms – nationally renowned yet accessible professors, who will share with you their, and their students’, latest discoveries – as well as what you may experience via Wake Forest while “away” – study-abroad and fine-arts opportunities of which to avail yourself even as a first-year student.

You’ll also hear about what visions Wake Forest has realized, near and far.

So we hope that you’ll join us, to learn about all of the above-mentioned – but also to be encouraged to aspire for greatness while keeping in mind your connection and responsibilities to your North Carolina home.

Hope to see you near, so we may discuss realizing your dreams both here and far and away.


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Please note that Near and Far is for individual students and their families. To coordinate a group visit, please see the group visit page.

For more information about our Near and Far Open House, please contact:

Dawn Calhoun (’99, MA ’07)
Associate Dean of Admissions
Coordinator of North Carolina Admissions
336.758.5177 | calhoude@nullwfu.edu