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IB Open House – Monday, October 15, 8:30am

IB has its share of jargon…which you should embrace.

Extended essay. ToK. CAS.

These aren’t just meaningless words and acronyms; they’re critical parts of a curriculum designed to make you a better, smarter person.

We don’t have the same lingo at Wake Forest, but we do have the same appreciation of ideals and ideas. The value placed on evidence and academic rigor. The asking of “how” and “why” questions across a variety of disciplines. The global perspective.

For all these reasons, we’d like you to visit Wake Forest University, to learn about our engaged liberal arts, to discuss theories of (Wake Forest) knowledge – argot! – and to attend a class simulation with Wake Forest faculty.

Like IB, we prize work that compels you to turn outward to find truth, work that is meaningful to you and others, and work that results in a deep, abiding satisfaction.

So join us for our IB Open House, where we’ll show you how the concepts and principles you’ve learned connect with those at the college level…

…and where we’ll introduce you to our own bit of vernacular, one we embrace as a celebration of our diligent truth-seeking:

Work Forest.

Again, we hope to see you soon, because, at Wake Forest, I think; therefore, IB.


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For more information about our IB Open House, please contact:

Dawn Calhoun (’99, MA ’07)
Associate Dean of Admissions
Coordinator of North Carolina Admissions
336.758.5177 | calhoude@nullwfu.edu