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Kevin Jordan

Kevin worried that his baseball days were over when he developed a severe kidney condition during his senior year of high school. Coach Tom Walter secured the future of Kevin’s baseball career when he donated one of his kidneys to Kevin in Feb. 2011. Kevin now has, according to Coach Walter, “the best tools on the team.” After graduation, he hopes to continue his baseball career.

Q: How have you changed since your first days on campus?

A: One of the biggest differences I’ve noticed in myself since the first few days is my own level of confidence. I’ve developed the type of confidence that tells me that even when I’m in an unfamiliar situation, I can still succeed. Wake Forest has brought that out in me because it was an unfamiliar situation at first, but now I’ve successfully navigated this campus for four years. I’ll leave here knowing that wherever I end up, I’ll prosper.

Q: What extracurricular activity did you enjoy most and why?  

A: Baseball is unique as an extracurricular activity. It has given me a fraternity of friends to lean on whenever necessary. I’m grateful for this sport. What I enjoyed most about it was the people. I’ve had five sets of teammates and each group has been different from the one before. Spending hours upon hours of idle time with the group of guys you are teamed with separates baseball from any other sport. Those hours, although strenuous at the time, are priceless to me now.

Q: Of all the people who have influenced you during your time at Wake Forest, who would you most like to thank?

A: I’d like to thank Coach Tom Walter. He’s been like my first boss. Yes, he did donate a kidney to me, but he taught me how to grind through failure and how to work to stay consistent with success.

Q: What piece of advice has meant the most to you?

A. “Get the most out of it.” I don’t remember who said this simple statement to me, but I’ve lived by it.

Q: What shared values do you feel unite the Wake Forest community?

A: The feeling that you are at home. The feeling that without you, the campus would feel different. The sense of community.