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Janelle Thomas

Current City: Vienna, VA

The highlight of my Wake Forest experience has been the variety of communities I’ve been a part of and the amazing lessons they’ve given me.

The Project Pumpkin community taught me to be a leader, to be confident in my abilities and proud of my accomplishments. I also got to help bring the Wake Forest and Winston-Salem communities together year after year, growing from freshman volunteer to senior Head Pumpkin.

Setting the Groove Tap Club (STG) and the dance crew community gave me my family at Wake, pushed me to own my talent, and reminded me that above all, dance is fun. Through Athletic Communications, I gained some of my closest friends, unique experiences, and the ability to be a part of a world I’m so passionate about.

Every community I’ve been a part of at Wake, (from Project Pumpkin, STG, Athletic Comm, Dance Company, Student Advising, Wake ‘N Shake, to my communications, journalism, and dance classes) has taught me something important about myself and contributed to an incredible four years. After graduation, I will be heading back home to DC to work as an intern on the events team at Axios Media.