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Houston Clark

What does Houston Clark aspire to do in the future? “Change the world,” Clark says. He’s starting, however, in sports. After graduation, Clark will be a counselor at Alpine Camp for Boys in the summer and then begin working for the athletic department in the fall. He will focus on marketing and raising money for the Deacon Club.

Q: What was your favorite extracurricular activity?  

A: I loved Reformed University Fellowship (RUF)! RUF was great because of the people, the seriousness with which it takes scripture, and the fun. My all-time favorite college memory was the 2011 RUF Spring Break trip to Alabama and Florida. I got to play a pick-up football game with Tanner Price, who was on the trip too. No big deal. Also, God greatly used Kevin Teasley, the RUF campus minster, in my life. He spent countless hours just hanging out with me, listening to me and encouraging me.

Q: Explain your research with the School of Business.   

A: I researched with John Sumanth andKenny Herbst in the School of Business. It was a great experience for several reasons. I loved participating in the nitty-gritty of research and it was great getting to know the awesome faculty.

Q: What shared values do you think unites the Wake Forest community?

A: A love for learning and for going deeper than news headlines. People here really think critically about issues and want to do something to fix those issues.

Q: Of all the people who have influenced you during your time at Wake Forest, who would you most like to thank and why? 

A: Kevin Teasley, the RUF campus minister. He spent countless hours just hanging out with me; listening, encouraging, chilling. God greatly used Kevin in my life.

Q: How do you plan to use what you’ve learned at Wake Forest in your life and career? 

A: Change the world. After that, hopefully work in sports. I really do want change the world; however, I’ll start in sports.

Q: Best advice you were given during your four years at Wake Forest?

A: If you graduate with two to three really good friends, then you’re a lucky person. Matt Harris, my junior year roommate, told me that my freshman year. He also said that being a good friend is a different experience for everyone. Therefore, I plan to make it a priority to keep in contact with my really good friends.

Q: Your best advice for an incoming first-year student?

A: Relationships take time. Great relationships take a great deal of time.