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Moises Figueroa-Contreras

Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, but raised in Carolina, Puerto Rico,  Moises Figueroa-Contreras is a first generation Latin American immigrant born to a Dominican mother and a Puerto Rican father. After graduation, Moises looks forward to exploring a new city where he can continue to grow his business network.

Q: What led you to pursue a business degree?

A: I began to research programs that would allow me to hone my project management skills and my understanding of the business world. I found that if I aspired to become a business leader, I needed to have the appropriate level of education. I had friends that were MAs in the past and their recommendation of the program helped me make the decision to come to Wake Forest for the MA program.

Q: How will Wake Forest help you reach your goals?

A:  My educational experience has helped me approach problems with a wider range of skills that empowers me to make evidence-based, data-driven decisions. This knowledge will set me apart as a professional. I will be a contributor when working on a team, and I will be able to quickly assume leadership positions thanks to my education and training at Wake Forest. The network that Wake Forest has helped me develop will be a big influence to help me reach my career goals.

Q: What happened during business school that was unexpected?

A: I was pleasantly surprised about the opportunities to interact with the faculty. Faculty members go out of their way to ensure that we are having a great experience. I even sat down with the Dean of the Business School for dinner one time.

Q: What is the most dramatic change you’ve undergone during business school?

A: My time at Wake Forest has opened my eyes to a wider range of opportunities. I am now not only considering a role in project management, but I am seeking roles in consulting as well. I aspire to become a leader in a technology organization.

Q: Who are your biggest cheerleaders?

A: The faculty and staff in the MA program are fantastic. Everyone has, in one way or another, shaped my experience at Wake Forest. Hansford Johnson is an inspirational leader who serves the program an exemplary member of the staff. His professionalism and mentorship are truly inspirational. Melanie Lankau’s commitment to diversity resonates with my personal values. I have had the chance to sit down outside of the classroom to discuss diversity in the work place, and how to have the most impact in this area as an individual in an organization. Vanessa Pettis is extremely helpful, and has been a great resource during my time here. Her caring attitude and interpersonal skills have really boosted my experience to another level.