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Lilting Banshees

Wake Forest’s comedy troupe, the Lilting Banshees, has produced actors, communicators and a writer for Saturday Night Live, but also plenty of people who use comedy and confidence as every-day skills. Click the picture to find out more about the Banshee experience.

There are 243 (and counting) student organizations across the campus of Wake Forest.

Chartered student organizations (CSOs) receive many benefits, including free or reduced-cost room reservations on campus; potential funding from Student Government; involvement in CSO programs like the activities fair; and a free web portal.

From service-oriented organizations to political groups to fraternities and sororities to religiously affiliated groups, you’re bound to find several organizations that meet your interests and needs.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for among them, we hope you’ll gather some friends and create number 195.

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