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What’s in a name?

Everything, when you’ve previously taken the field as the Tigers (shockingly not indigenous to NC), and the Baptists (nothing strikes fear into the hearts of opponents like the clergy). After a win over Trinity (now Duke University) in football in 1923, the name ‘Demon Deacons’ stuck after it was used to describe the team’s “devilish” play and fighting spirit in the victory.

He may be old and wears funny pants, but the Demon Deacon makes his formidable presence felt on courts, fields, pitches and courses across the country. And while he lacks the fangs, claws or weaponry of his mascot brethren (though he once menacingly wielded a plunger that over time evolved to become a cane), the fury that resides in his sideburns alone is more than enough to make even the baddest of mascots quake in their oversized, foam-filled novelty shoes.