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From Martha Allman, director of undergraduate admissions.

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Stephen Clark is a committed junior majoring in English and minoring in Political Science.

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"Students yearn to connect with something larger.They want to do good, and do well, to lead an examined and purposeful life….

"Colleges should also encourage career development programs to go beyond mere job placement, as important as that is. What students today need — and many yearn for — is more fundamental advice about choosing a profession.

"What are my gifts and talents and my passions and commitments? How do they square with a full spectrum of professional opportunities?"

President Nathan O. Hatch (above, right), from "Renewing the Wellsprings of Responsibility"

Education of the Whole Person

Wake Forest was formed in 1834 with a unique educational mission: it sought to build not only intellect, but also character. The University believes deeply in its responsibility to educate the whole person — mind, body, and spirit — and to help students find their place in the world following graduation.

Education of the whole person includes exposure to new ideas and experiences, the arts and culture, as well as opportunities to partake in intellectual, social, athletic, spiritual and recreational activities.

Service also is an integral part of the Wake Forest experience. Students serve humanity through the pursuit of knowledge and also through volunteer activities — both locally and globally. Find out more.

Wake Forest also has a deep commitment to nurturing students through leadership development programs. A Wake Forest education holistically embraces students' academic interests as well as their well-being.

Student Life

The Wake Forest campus is a place of teachers and students, scholars and scientists, artists and athletes, debaters and dancers. Ask almost any student, and they will say that one of the things that makes Wake Forest special is the vast array of activities both in and out of the classroom.

Because of the size of the campus and the strong connections between schools and departments, students have access to a network of peers, faculty and administrators for a college experience that is fulfilling in all respects. Curricular and co-curricular opportunities abound.

Visit our Student Life page to see the many student-centered activities, or visit, the Web site run by and for Wake Forest students.

Wake Forest competes in the NCAA Division I Atlantic Coast Conference and Demon Deacon teams are consistently among the leaders both athletically and academically. The University also boasts a robust intramural program. Find out more.

To augment learning and discovery in the classroom, Wake Forest brings some of the world's leading thinkers to campus. Discover our lecture series.

A Wake Forest education encourages students to develop aesthetic values. From on-campus events and activities to cultural offerings in the Winston-Salem community, students have ample opportunity to experience and participate in the performing and fine arts.

In their own words...

Wesley Johnson

“I've been able to combine my love of science with a newly discovered interest in business to become a business owner at age 20. ”

— Wesley Johnson ('10)